Catherine J. Reichling

I'm Catherine, an interaction & experience designer.

With a background in psychology, education, food and research, I work to make people's lives better - from designing large systems to the smallest interactions.

I’ve worked on products for teachers at BloomBoard, designed military applications for NAVAIR, and tackled industry innovation with Method. I also have a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech where I studied creativity & design.

I'm currently located in San Francisco and looking for a new full time design role.


Complex problems, design constraints, unimaginable scenarios - bring it on.

I sketch, craft & dabble in code to make life a little easier.



Interaction & visual design for military planning tools and in-flight mobile experiences



Interaction design & product strategy in the construction industry



Designing tools to support teacher evaluation and growth



Redesigning the Uber experience to accommodate all passengers & needs


Design research + VIRTUAL REALITY

"Give it a minute, take a break."  

google-cardboard copy.jpg

I'm a scuba diving, DIY-addict who really likes to hike and sleep.

After hours at the computer, I recharge best when I'm away from technology. You'll find me in the kitchen exploring new recipes or around the corner hiding from my Bengal cat. I could spend all day on a diveboat in the middle of the ocean. And if you can't get in touch with me, I'm probably dancing in the desert somewhere.


Let's talk.


I'd love to talk about future opportunities or interesting projects. I'm located in San Francisco and currently available for full time roles.