I'm Catherine (Johnson) Reichling.



My parents strongly suggested that I delay my dreams of culinary school and go to college. I chose to study at Brown, channeling a love of people and cultures into dual degrees in international relations & psychology, with a heavy focus in education.

After briefly considering law school, I followed my love of food out to San Francisco and joined a start-up. Moving from FoodTech to EdTech, I started at BloomBoard where my education + psychology background evolved from user research to crafting solutions & products as a designer. 


A lot of different things! I've designed digital enterprise applications for schools and mobile tools for the Navy. I'm created augmented reality navigation for hikers and interactive storybooks, and reimagined universally accessible transportation. I've even conducted user testing for bidets.

 I've also studied designers to understand how process and mood impact creativity (and the potential use of virtual reality). Currently, I'm working to understand the growing gene therapy industry and design supportive digital experiences.


I'm a designer because...

I like to help people & solve problems. A researcher at heart, I love to understand people and make things to help them. Design allows me to be curious, to solve hard problems, to dispel worries and promote joy. My diverse experience is my strength and I find every design challenge is an opportunity to learn something new.

Our world today falls short in many ways - from the basic needs of those with arthritis, to educational opportunities and physical accessibility. That's a future I hope to change and I believe design is the difference.